Retail Store

  1. All prices indicated on our website or in store is subject to change at anytime. Unfortunately most of our products come from international suppliers and prices are bound by exchange rates.
  2. All promotions and specials offered are subject to availability and a limited time offer. Usually only for the month in which it was offered. This may change if otherwise stated on the promotion. Specials and promotions are offered at the discretion of Adventure MX. Specials and Promotions are only valid while stocks last or till the date indicated on the advertisement. Products sold on Special cannot be returned or refunded. Products offered on promotion must be collected at the point of sale. Should the promotional item be out of stock due to popular demand then Adventure MX is not obliged to continue with the promotion. Specials and Promotions are offered on a basis of first paid is first to receive.
    3. All goods purchased from Adventure MX remain the property of Adventure MX till such time as it has been paid in full.
  3. Adventure MX only accepts payment in the form of cash, credit/debit card or electronic funds transfer.
  4. There is no warranty on any products sold unless indicated otherwise. Adventure MX, it’s owners, directors, employees, officials, agents or suppliers will not be held accountable for the incorrect installation of parts or accessories that may lead to damage on the bike or injury to the person. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to have all purchased items fitted or installed by a recognized or professional person. There is absolutely no warranties on engine, gearbox and electronic components.
  5. Any items purchased from Adventure MX and shipped to the customer on their behalf by their couriers, our couriers or a postal system is done at the purchaser’s risk. We will not be held liable for loss, damage or theft for whatever reason.

1. There is No Warranty on Race Engine Rebuilds.

  1. There is No Warranty on Race Gearbox Rebuilds.
    NB: Warranties will only take effect if:
    a. All damaged parts are replaced with OEM parts as stated on the quotation/invoice. (Aftermarket parts have no warranties!)
    b. There is a non resetable hour meter and/or speedometer that can record the km’s and or hours since the repair!
    c. Any faults must be reported within 30 days of date of invoice.
    3. There is No Warranty on Frame Repairs. Frame repairs undertaken will be done at owners risk.
  2. There is no warranty on aftermarket products used for repairs unless stated clearly otherwise. Any warranty offered on aftermarket products by the manufacturer must be taken up with them.
  3. 50% Deposit is required on all engine and gearbox rebuilds, no exceptions!
  4. All work outsourced to 3rd Parties (eg: engineers) is done at the owners risk. Adventure MX will not be held accountable for trying to help the customer in saving costs.
  5. All welding undertaken will be done at owners risk.
  6. All Press work undertaken will be done at owners risk.
  7. All Head work undertaken will be done at owners risk.
  8. All Cylinder work undertaken will be done at owners risk.
    11. All panel repairs and spray painting is sub contracted out and any warranties will be assessed by the sub contractor only.
    12. Adventure MX will not be held accountable for damage, loss or theft incurred by 3rd parties contracted to do specific repairs.
  9. Adventure MX will not be held accountable for damage, loss or theft with respect to fire and burglary. It is the responsibility of the owner to have his own goods insured appropriately.
    14. Insurance Quotes are estimates only and will be charged at R2000 irrespective of whether the item is a write off or the wreck is removed.
    14a. Insurance quotes are issued on the basis that we try and make them as comprehensive as possible. Most parts are imported directly from international suppliers and we are not in control of how they change their products or pricing. It may arise from time to time that parts are not included in the original item ordered, and therefore may need to be ordered after the fact.
    14b. No bike or quad will be released till such time as all accounts are settled. Any excess payable must be settled before the bike or quad is collected.
    15. Storage fees will be charged at the following rates:
    R100/day – Secure and Covered
    R50/day – Not Covered
    Storage fees will be applicable 5 days after work completion or Quotes issued. Should storage fees will be implemented and only when these costs have been settled will any repairs/work will commence.
    16. Bikes/Quads not collected after 15 days from invoice will be sold to cover defray expenses and or storage fees.
    Bikes/Quads that have been stored longer then 30 days and have suspected issues with regards to storage, for example blocked up carbs, WILL NOT be the responsibility of Adventure MX. There is no warranty on repairs after 30 days!!!!!
    17. All work undertaken is done in good faith. Adventure MX will not be held accountable for instructions issued by the client to save costs. In cases where the bike/quad has been identified as a model that is to “old” or the repair is regarded as an “over capitalization” “Not economically viable” and Adventure MX has been instructed to complete the repair, then this is undertaken totally at the owners own risk.