We continually strive to give personal and professional service at all times. As an owner driven business it is important for me that our customers are happy and receive the best value for money that we can offer. Ultimately it is our customers support that has allowed us to grow the way we have so that we are able strive for even better goals and give you our customer sense of pride to shop at Adventure MX.


The name Adventure MX was born in the beginning of 2004.  We were a group of friends that did a lot of riding and I wanted to assign a name to this group.  I wanted people to recognise us when we go on outrides and do competitive races.  The name had to represent the type of riding we liked to do.  Adventure MX started a website in mid 2004 and we reported on all the outrides that we did in our local areas.  One of these areas is known as De Wildt.  The website soon gained momentum and people started contacting Adventure MX to take them out on guided outrides.  From 2004 to 2008 Adventure MX took many people on outrides in De Wildt, Radium, Kwa M’chlanga and Botswana.

In April 2007 Adventure MX officially started it’s own little Off Road Shop and Workshop.  The whole business side of things was started in a double garage at home.  In a space of almost 10 years we have now grown to a point where the business now consists of a retail outlet and dedicated Bike and Quad workshops. From 2004 to current the main website has been upgraded annually to ensure that our internet presence stays fresh and inviting.  We continually look for avenues in this business to keep our customers up to date with the latest developments and we strive continually to give a dedicated level of service.  We welcome feedback from our customers as this gives us the potential to grow into a company that customers want to do business with us.


The products available in store for purchase will continually be updated in order to give our customers the items they need to enjoy their sport.  Adventure MX is dedicated to the South African market as we believe that this is were our continued support will come from. We are always thankful for any business that we receive and we will do whatever we can to keep our customers happy.


Happy riding and keep the rubber side down.

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